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David JC Cutler, are you thinking of effective ways of motivating your employees? If yes, as an entrepreneur, you should start thinking of some smart strategies beyond monetary incentives. You must keep in mind that employees are not motivated solely by money. In fact, more often than not, your staff is immensely motivated by some intrinsic motivators, such as recognition for hard work, growth, flexible work schedule, and advancement. The great thing about intrinsic motivators is that they do not burn a hole in your pocket. To assist entrepreneurs in getting their team on the motivation road, here are some smart recommendations to motivate and inspire your workforce without offering any monetary incentives. 

David JC Cutler Offers Tips to Motivate Your Team

Ensure Enough Room for Autonomy

Every professional desires to exercise control over his work. Avoid playing the role of a ‘helicopter boss’. Instead, you must try giving your team opportunities to come up with their own independent decisions. For instance, if you are conducting weekly meetings, the least you could do is to allow your employees enough liberty to decide the topic of discussion or choose the perfect snacks to be served while the meeting is on. 

 Facilitate Mastery

All professionals wish to excel in their precise line of work. They wish to become better at whatever they are doing currently. Entrepreneurs should provide opportunities to their employees to see how exactly they have been progressing in whatever they do. David JC Cutler firmly believes that entrepreneurs should focus on giving constructive feedback, creating individual development plans, and providing performance metrics.

Keep Praising Your Employees

Shower genuine and sincere praises on your employees as recognition of their good work. You must remember to acknowledge your tangible achievements and accomplishments. Consider specific metrics for quantifying accomplishments. This may include a boost in profitability, sales volume, bids, or contracts won, or the number of customers retained.

Offer Adequate Flexibility

You may be successful in motivating your employees immensely once you start offering flexible work schedules that go a long way in maintaining a perfect work-life balance. The flexibility of job timings helps in minimizing stress and giving an opportunity to your employees to work when they feel that they are most motivated and productive.

Focus on Staying Connected

Your employees would surely be motivated when you are constantly in touch with them. You should consider boosting levels of interaction and communication with your employees via email, social media, texting, and using apps such as Slack. Could stay connected with your employees by offering tips and training that could help in improving their work efficiency and productivity. You could consider sharing timely and relevant information, such as your business’s latest updates with your team. This helps you to stay connected and maintaining a healthy and robust relationship with your team.

Conclusion: Provide Privileges & Perks that Boost Overall Quality of Work-Life

Employees feel that work-life quality is crucial for success and happiness. Your team can work to its fullest potential if the members are healthy because of rewarding workdays. You could offer flexible schedules for some employees while others could avail of work-from-home facilities on specific days. Besides these flexible options, you may provide privileges such as longer lunches, preferred parking spots, tasks they enjoy doing, and projects they are passionate about. You could reward your sincere employees by offering them opportunities to learn new skills. It could be a great way of enhancing their job satisfaction, sharpening their abilities, and boosting output.