A rallying cry is a quick reminder of what you believe needs to be done to achieve your goals. It keeps you focused and on track. It creates an emotional response that motivates you to keep moving forward.   

Do your job! (New England Patriots) 

Just do it! (Nike) 

Here are some other examples: 

  • It can be done. 
  • Deadlines matter—no excuses! 
  • Drive out fear; open up creativity. 
  • No blaming, own it, be responsible. 
  • Be a leader, make a difference. 
  • Continuous improvement requires continuous refinement.

My rallying cry is “Add value.” It motivates me to consider how to help the person or team succeed. I add value by:

  1. Making suggestions about alternative goals and ways to define problems. 
  2. Asking questions to probe the person’s assumptions, facts, and logic. 
  3. Offering help to implement their idea. 

Adding Value” reminds me to be optimistic and action-oriented. 

What’s your rallying cry? 

Kate Labor is a senior executive at the Harris Corporation. Her rallying cry for 2024 is Start Strong. End StrongerKate said, “‘Start Strong’ motivates me to be focused and prepared. Do my homework. ‘End Stronger’ motivates me to improve along the way. I try to be open to new ideas and insights as I plan, problem-solve, run meetings, and receive feedback. If you don’t reflect and learn, you don’t improve.”  

What word or phrase will keep you focused, energized, and motivated in 2024? 

If you don’t have one, list your last three significant accomplishments. What kept you going when you faced obstacles? What did you say to yourself to achieve success? Is there a common theme that applies in each situation?  

What words best describe what keeps you focused, energized and motivated? 

When you create a rallying cry, keep these points in mind. Make it:  

  1. Short  
  2. Emotional  
  3. Actionable 
  4. Something you truly believe
  5. Memorable 

This year forget coming up with New Year’s resolutions. Instead, create a rallying cry for 2024. It will help you achieve your goals.   

Action Item: Submit your 2024 rallying cry to Paul Thornton by Jan. 10. We’ll publish the best ones in late January.